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Bought a transmission that had a 6 month warrantee; it failed in month seven.The lady at AAA told me she'd give me a discount on another trnsmission.

I called 4 times in 2 days and she said she was still looking and was upset because I called when she was busy! I informed her that I called back because they had not returned any of my other calls. She said to me, "How about this?

We don't have a replacement for your car because you could not wait until we called you back....Thank you, goodbye!" That's the type of service you can expect from AAA Japanese Imports in Texas....

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It seems some things never change.

Judgement that Dina Armstrong Hoover was included in, against previous company she was employed at, enjoining her from engaging in numerous unlawful acts.

Information regarding Dina Hoover's business names.


I am in contact with Janel's people and we are pursuing this matter further. We would like to include your complaint. If you would like to be included in our complaint with FBI and a lawsuit, please email me at


I bought an engine from AAA Japanese Imports and they overcharged my credit card and tried to charge an additional delivery fee, when it was to be included in the price.They were trying to get away with overcharging me by $350.

I called my credit card company an they told me I don't have to pay. I also didn't accept any delivery.

I will be calling Janel to discuss further on how to file a claim with FBI.They are crooks and need to go to jail.


I have contacted the FBI I have a claim in with them they told me the more complaints the better. If you are interested in filing a complaint also against AAA contact me. 352-383-8838


We have contacted the FBI we have a case started with them if we can get enough people to file a complaint we can put this lady out of business. Contact me if you are interested 352-383-8838


If you bought your transmission hrough Visa or Mastercard you should try and issue a charge back against the company. You are not guaranteed to get your money back, but you have a good chance, and if enough consumers do this the company will eventually be reviewed legally and hopefully shut down!

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